Student Handbook

Dear Students and Families of Mt. Pulaski CUD #23,

Welcome to the new school year and the many new opportunities that lie ahead of our students and community. I would like to introduce myself to you as Fred Lamkey, the new Mt. Pulaski Superintendent of Schools.

I am excited to work with the board, administration, teachers, staff, students and community to continue our current success. I also want you to know that Mt. Pulaski Schools are committed to building on these successes to be on a continual path of improvement. Mt. Pulaski is fortunate to boast the staff and resources that can support student learning in and out of the classroom. We will always be looking to see how we can help our students better achieve and succeed.

An essential component to this process is the cultural foundation established through the implementation of the Mt. Pulaski Student Handbook. The handbook informs students and families of policies, procedures and expectations that allow our children to receive a high level education. It is very important to take time to become familiar with the handbook so that parents/guardians and students can have meaningful conversations when it comes time to make decisions for school. Our teachers and staff will also be reviewing the handbook and guiding our students through this process.

Adhering to the policies, procedures and expectations of the Mt. Pulaski Student Handbook is the responsibility of every student and their families. The pages of the handbook have been reviewed by building handbook committees and the Mt. Pulaski Board of Education to ensure all policies, procedures and expectations are in the best interest of our students.

If you have any questions, please reach out to administration in your student’s school or contact me at our district office. We are always happy to assist you! I would like to wish you the best of luck for this upcoming school year and “Go Toppers”!

Respectfully yours,
Fredrick A Lamkey, Mt. Pulaski Superintendent 

District Website -

Office of the Superintendent: (217) 792-7222

Mt. Pulaski Grade School: (217) 792-7220

Mt. Pulaski High School: (217) 792-3209

Mt. Pulaski Bus Barn: (217) 792-5687 (Voice & Texting)

Download the entire 2019-20 Student Handbook

Section 1 - Introduction to District #23 / Mission Statement

  • Board of Education - Personal Responsibilities of Students

Section 2 - General Information

  • Addresses - Phone Numbers - School Day Defined - Daily Schedules - Visitors - Lost and Found - Emergency Procedures - Mandated Reporters - School Closing - Accidents - Registration Materials - Continuous Notice of Non-Discrimination - Fees and Costs - Student Personal Property - Student Records - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act - Telephone - Search and Seizures - Police and DCFS Requests - The Steven's Amendment - Student Handbook - Expectations of Visitors

Section 3 - Attendance and Truancy

  • Attendance Requirements - Excused and Unexcused Absences - Truancy - Tardiness - Attendance for Extracurricular Participants

Section 4 - Discipline

  • Disciplinary Policies and Actions - Expulsion - Library Rules - Discipline/Consequences - Disciplinary Measures - Detentions - Suspensions

Section 5 - Academics

  • Registration - Elementary Promotion - Grading System - Semester  Grades - Graduation Requirements at the High School - Correspondence Courses - Class Schedules and Scheduling - Homebound Tutoring - Progress Reports - High School Academic Honors - Honor and Honor Roll - Student Transfers - Working Students Guidelines - Examinations, Homework and Prearranged Absence Forms - Honor Code - Special Education - Evaluating Student Performance

Section 6 - Transportation

  • Bus Service and Procedures - Driving to and from School Activities - Motor Vehicles - Guidelines for Students Driving to School - Bicycles
  • Emergency Bus Routes

Section 7 - Student Services

  • K-12 Student Accident Insurance - Immunizations - Physical Exams - Dental Exams - Vision Exams - Medications - Illness and Transportation Home Due to Illness - Speech and Language Therapy - Work Permits - Locks and Lockers - National Honor Society - Title I and Parental Involvement - Parents Right to Know - Elevator Usage - School Counselors - School Psychologists and Social Workers

Section 8 - Additional Student Information

  • Harassment - Sexual Harassment - Non-Curricular Publications - College Visit Procedures - Noon Hours - No Nit Policy - Entering and Leaving School Grounds - Junior High through High School Passes (6-12) - Textbooks - Parties and Dances - Dress Code - Behavioral Interventions with Students Having Disabilities - Lab and Shop Safety - Physical Education Dress Policy - Asbestos - Grievance Procedure - Fire, Storm and Emergency Drills

Section 9 - Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Athletic Eligibility - Activity Guidelines - Athletic Code and Extra Curricular Guidelines - Student Athlete Concussions and Head Injuries
  • Expectations of Visitors

Section 10 - Technology

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