General District Questions

  1. What is the timeline for return to school? Pursuant to Executive Order 2020-10, at this time schools may reopen on April 8, 2020. Future decisions regarding statewide school closures will be made in consultation with public health officials. 

  2. Are students allowed to enter the school during this time?  Students and families should stay home.  Please call or email the school office if there is anything you need from the school.  Office hours will be 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM starting Monday, March 30th.

  3. How will days be counted during the mandated closure? All days that a school district is closed, pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order, will be counted as Act of God Days. Emergency Days will not be used. These Act of God Days do not need to be made up at the end of the school year.

  4. Will the student work being sent home affect the student’s grades?  No, the School District and teachers are providing learning opportunities, but as for now home instruction work will not be counted as 4th quarter grades. 

  5. Will students be behind when they come back? The School District understands learning at home is not the same as learning at school.  We will have review opportunities when students actually return to school, which could be this year or next fall. The longer we are out, the more review we will provide. 

  6. When will third quarter report cards be available to students? These marks are currently available on TeacherEase for students in grades 2 through 12. Login to the TeacherEase system is restricted to parents/legal guardians. If you have a question about a grade, email the teacher of the course first. Kindergarten and 1st grade marks will officially be posted upon return.  Parents with students in Kindergarten and 1st grade may contact the teacher via email with specific questions. 
  7. What if my student has problems with their iPad during this Learn at Home time? Email Mrs. Fricke at hfricke@mtpulaski.k12.il.us  to arrange for repairs.

  8. What if I do not have access to the Internet? If you do not have access to the Internet, many providers are now offering free Internet services. The following link https://www.isbe.net/keeplearn... provides details about free Internet resources via AT&T, Spectrum Free Broadband, Comcast, & Mediacom.

  9. How will promotion between grades K-8 be determined?  Due to the uncertainty of when students will return to school, the administration is still discussing this issue. Parents concerned about retention are encouraged to contact their school principal. 

  10. How will this school closure impact administration of Spring 2020 State-mandated assessments? The implementation of standardized state assessments for this year has been waived.

  11. Given the stay at home order included in Executive Order 2020-10, can school personnel still distribute meals to students? Yes. School districts are encouraged to continue distributing meals to any/all students.  Please contact Sarah Farris at sfarris@mtpulaski.k12.il.us if you want to order breakfast/lunch for your children.

  12. What will occur if my student has an upcoming annual IEP meeting or 504 Plan meeting? These meetings will still need to occur within the annual timeframe. Our Special Education Administrator, Donna Morris, and IEP case managers will be reaching out to parents to plan for remote meetings via videoconferencing and/or phone. If your student has an upcoming annual 504 Plan meeting, the 504 Plan manager will reach out to you to proceed in the same manner.

  13. What if my student was in the middle of an evaluation for special education eligibility?  Currently, the 60 day timeline to complete an evaluation is frozen due to mandatory closure with no instructional days. When we return to school, that timeline picks up where it left off and the evaluation process can continue at that point.

  14. What will happen with Junior High and High School graduations? At this point the status of all events after April 7th is unknown. We will make all attempts to host graduation, even if it needs to occur during the summer. Below is a message from our Josten’s representatives who are dedicated to assisting us in celebrating graduation.

“As we navigate through the present uncertainty, the Class of 2020 will graduate, they will receive their diplomas, they will celebrate their accomplishments, they will announce their accomplishment and we will get them their Caps & Gowns to get pictures with their diplomas, parents and families.  Our pledge is they will not be the forgotten Class of 2020 but rather the Celebrated Class of 2020.”

Todd Lawrence/Patrick Petty Jostens Representatives Central Illinois, 114 W Walnut, Chatham, Illinois 62629 Office (217) 483-8989    Fax    (217) 483-8787

15. How will second semester grades be calculated?  If we return on April 8th, we will just have a shortened 4th quarter.  If we don’t return at all, then the 3rd quarter grades will become the 2nd semester grades.

16. Will the high school hold final exams? At this time, the status of final exams is unknown. If we return to school, adjusted final exams may be an option. If we are not able to return to school, optional exams in order to increase a student’s grade may be an option.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the district office at 217-792-7222.

Thank you.