All iPads are required to be returned to the school prior to summer break.

The device is expected to be in good, working condition within the issued case to avoid a fee. Be sure to include the USB charging box and syncing cable. You should be returning the Apple brand (12 Watt) components that were originally distributed with the device. Please place these components in a baggie. The baggie will be labeled at turn-in. The student will receive this same baggie and components next year.

These components are listed as “consumables” in the PLI Agreement. All chargers and cords will be inspected. A fee of $19 per component is charged to replace these components (as outlined in the PLI Agreement).

If your child has lost components or visibly broken/chipped/nicked/discolored/damaged components, bring the $19 per component with them on turn-in day. Checks should be made payable to MPCUSD #23. Please do not attempt to return components that do not belong to the school. They will be returned to you and a charge will be placed on your account. If you are missing both parts of the charger, the fee is $38.

Collection is a drive-thru process. Remain in your car and in line at each building. Collection at the high school will occur by the cafeteria. Collection at the grade school will occur at the main entrance.

Collection at the GRADE SCHOOL is as follows:

  • Last Names Ending in A through I - Monday, 5/18, between 8 AM and Noon
  • Last Names Ending in J through R - Tuesday, 5/19, between 8 AM and Noon
  • Last Names Ending in S through Z - Wednesday, 5/20, between 8 AM and Noon

Collection at the HIGH SCHOOL is as follows:

  • Last Names Ending A through M - Monday, 5/18, between 3 PM and 7 PM
  • Last Names Ending N through Z - Tuesday, 5/19, between 3 PM and 7 PM

Please remember to bring all school owned materials (including library books, textbook, etc...). Your locker contents will also be returned to you during this time.

If you have questions, please contact Heather Fricke at hfricke@mtpulaski.k12.il.us.