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Hello Toppers,

We have made great progress this semester on the pandemic frontlines with extending our school day to 2:00 PM for in-person learning, our states return to Phase 4 mitigations and the reinstitution of our extracurricular and co-curricular school activities.

The Logan County Health Department has also done a fantastic job rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations to all essential workers, including our education staff.  Over 90% of our teachers and 75% of our educational support professionals have received their first vaccination and are scheduled to receive the second vaccination on Thursday, February 18th.

Because health authorities are reporting that some people are experiencing flu-like side effects after the second vaccination, Mt. Pulaski schools are taking a proactive approach and scheduling a remote learning

day for all students on Friday, February 19th.  This will allow the school to conduct course work in the event staff members are to become ill.  Students will be guided by their teachers on the delivery of instruction.  Please refer to the Remote Learning Day Schedule for more details.

While we cannot predict the health of our staff on this day, we have the ability to effectively plan for student instruction.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as our staff prepares to conduct a remote instruction for the first time to our entire student body!  This effort will allow us to reflect on our remote instruction practices and plan for the future.

Teachers will be creating lesson plans and passing them along to students.  If you have questions after receiving the plans, please contact your child’s teacher if you have further questions.  Thank you once again for your support.  Wash up, mask up and keep the distance!      


Fred Lamkey, Mount Pulaski Superintendent