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Good Afternoon,

Once again, our district is facing unprecedented circumstances due to COVID-19 which has placed our administration in a position to make decisions concerning student safety.  Last week saw an outbreak at the high school which was the largest we have experienced as a district, but still small enough we could manage student safety through contact tracing and quarantine by the Logan County Health Department.

This week, our junior high recorded 41% of students absent on Monday morning with 12% of our 6th-8th grade enrollment testing positive for COVID-19 and many others who are symptomatic with testing pending.  Today, grades 6-8 currently have 25% of students quarantined compared to 3% of students under quarantine on Friday.

Due to this large number of absences and large presence of COVID-19, district administration has decided to have grades 6-8 finish the semester through remote instruction.  The junior high staff will provide instruction for students on how to proceed with remote instruction.  This adaptive break will last through December 21st.  Students may return to school on Tuesday, January 3, 2022.

Please note that all students in grades Pre-K through 5th and high school students will still be attending in person.

Some may ask “why just the junior high?”  This is because only the junior high has illness numbers that concern administration for student safety.  We will monitor the high school and other groups of grade school students daily to determine if further action is necessary.  It is our hope to finish the semester uninterrupted for all other students.

Understand that this adaptive pause for 6-8 grade students was not derived lightly and carries an extreme focus on student safety.  Please work with your student’s teachers if you have questions about remote instruction.  Other questions may be directed to the district office.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Fred Lamkey, Mt. Pulaski Superintendent