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Mt. Pulaski teachers spent a better part of the last few days preparing instructional opportunities for our students who will be home from school due to school closures that resulted from the COVID19 Pandemic.  The type of instruction varies from building to building and grade level to grade level, but the purpose of all assignments remains the same:  to keep our student’s minds active during their time away from school. 

Students in grades PK through 5th grade have work that is focused on packets that guide them through activities, skill work and problem solving work.  Grades 6-12 have a tendency to be more technology focused, but still deliver comparable assignments designed to challenge students at their appropriate age level.

If students or parents develop any questions during home instruction activities, please reach out to your child’s teacher through email.  Teachers will periodically check their email and respond to questions and concerns.

Mt. Pulaski Grade School Principal, Mr. Gene Newton, said that “These activities are very important to keep students in the practice of active learning so they are better prepared when we return to school.”  Mr. Morgan was pleased with the teacher’s effort at the high school and noted that instructional plans are directed at students and use technology formats that students are already familiar with.

Teachers will continue working in planning for future instruction that hopefully leads students back into the classroom after a short stint at home.  If the school closure is prolonged, students will be ready for that as well.

We would like to thank parents and students in advance for taking this work seriously and completing it in a timely manner!