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Good afternoon, 

As we continue to see cases of COVID-19 in our district, we wanted to go over quarantine, isolation, close contact & other information that may be useful to everyone.

For those who test positive (or when symptoms begin), expect to quarantine from Day 0 (the day of positive test OR when symptoms begin) through Day 5.  On Day 6, the child will be allowed to return to school when (without medication), they are fever-free for 24 hours and no longer have a headache &/or fatigue, as well as improved or minimal congestion/cough/runny nose.  Students who return to school on Day 6 will be required to wear a mask through Day 10.  Students who refuse to wear a mask will be required to quarantine at home on Days 6 through 10.

Someone experiencing COVID-like symptoms will be excluded from school until they receive a negative COVID test OR a doctor’s note stating the symptoms are not COVID related OR they quarantine for a minimum of 5 days (may return on day 6 as long as symptoms have improved). 

To clarify, quarantine is to stay home, restricting movement after an exposure to COVID, to determine if symptoms develop.  Isolation is complete separation of the individual with a confirmed case from others.  

Close contacts are considered: unmasked (one or both individuals), within 6 feet for a cumulative 15 minutes or more in a 24 hour period.  Close contacts are not: individuals consistently and properly masked for the entire exposure period; fully-vaccinated individuals; those testing positive for COVID in the past 90 days from date of exposure; outdoor exposure.

More in depth information can be found at the CDC’s website.