colorful update

September 13, 2022

Good Afternoon,

Last week, the district notified families that each school would be conducting safety drills giving each family the opportunity to consider their child's participation.  Today, Tuesday September 13th, each school building conducted safety drills to educate students on their responsibilities and actions in the event of an emergency.

Students practiced lockdown activities in the classroom as well as building evacuation.  First responders from the community were on hand to observe and interact with students and staff during the practice activities.  Once drills were completed, students and staff were allotted time to debrief and ask questions about the drill.  

Administrators from each building commented that the students did an excellent job and conducted themselves in a professional manner.  Administrators have met with first responders and will follow up with students and staff on areas of improvement.

If you have any questions about the safety drills, please contact your building administrator.


Fredrick A Lamkey, Mt. Pulaski CUSD 23 Superintendent