Generally it is the prerogative of parents to determine what is appropriate dress and grooming for their children in accordance with the age and grade of the student. It is expected that decisions made by parents and students in these matters reflect favorably upon the individual student, the school, and the community. In the interest of cleanliness, decency, and good taste, restrictions on a student’s dress and grooming are necessary when they create a danger to the student’s health and safety and interfere with the education process or cause a disruption in school. Exceptions to the dress code may be authorized by the building principal for special event days.

1. No pajama pants/shirts and slippers.

2. Clothing/articles that advertises or promotes alcoholic beverages, drugs or tobacco products will not be allowed.

3. Suggestive or vulgar clothing will not be allowed.

4. Jeans may not have rips or holes (of any size) in them above the knees.

5. Clothing that has markings, pictures, or lettering that conveys profane or offensive meaning will not be allowed.

6. Camouflage shirts may be worn, however military fatigues will not be allowed.

7. Sunglasses, chains, coats, jackets and book bags are not appropriate and will not be allowed in the classroom or throughout the building.

8. The following articles of clothing are NOT allowed at school:

a. Caps, hats or having hood up of a hooded sweatshirt.
b. Spandex, mini­skirts or short­shorts (inseam of shorts must be a
minimum of 4 inches.)
c. Muscle shirts, spaghetti straps, halter tops or clothing exposing the
midriffs, cleavage or undergarments will not be permitted. Tank
top straps must be a minimum 2 inches.

9. Shoes (footwear) are to be worn at all times. No flip flops grades K­-5.

10. No exposed pierced body parts which includes piercing on the face, belly button or other parts of the body, with the exception of the ears. All pierced jewelry is subject to review by the Principal or Guidance Counselor.

11. Properly fitted clothing is to be worn. Oversized, extremely baggy or extremely tight clothing or improperly fitted clothing is not allowed. Pants, shorts, or skirts must be worn at the waist. Sagging is prohibited.

12. Parents should keep in mind that school is the “business” of youth and dress should conform to standards appropriate for business.

Disciplinary measures are treated as under the zero tolerance policy. Students may have options to change articles of clothing that are considered unacceptable by this policy. The building Principal and/or Guidance Counselor have complete discretion when dealing with this policy.