Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a national student organization that focuses on preparing students for the leadership roles that they will need to fill in their future. FCCLA is the second largest in-school student organization in the country and is truly a student-centered organization that functions at Mount Pulaski under the leadership of student officers with help from the advisor, Mr. Waterkotte.

FCCLA operates year-round at MPHS with students participating in a variety of events including fundraising, community service, leadership development, and competitive events. Some of the activities that students can take part in are:

Community Service:-Fall and Spring Blood Drives with CICBC
-Volley for the Cure
-Valentines for Vonderlieth
-Book, stuffed animal, and canned food drives (depending on the year)

Leadership Development:-Peer Education/Leadership Training Conference
-Fall Leadership Meeting
-Section 12 Leadership Meeting
-State Leadership Conference
-National Leadership Conference
-Running for and holding Chapter, Section, or State Office

Competitive Events:-State Proficiency Events (listed on the State website)
-National STAR Events (listed on the National website)

FCCLA is an organization that can be beneficial to any student who is willing to take advantage of the opportunities that are provided to them. There are a large number of activities and events that student members can take part in that will give them chances to learn, serve, and grow as individuals and groups. In addition, participation in FCCLA gains students hours of community service, access to scholarships, and material for college applications.

Perhaps more important than all of that though, is the opportunity afforded to members to get to know each other better and network with other members from around the state and country while having fun.

If you are interested in joining FCCLA, talk to Mr. Waterkotte and get a membership packet and your dues turned in before October 1st. If you want to know more about the organization, you can talk to Mr. Waterkotte or one of the local Chapter, Section, or State officers at MPHS. We look forward to your participation!